Frequently Asked Questions

 General Questions

What is a modded controller?

Answer: A Rapid Fire Controller or Modded Controller is a modified Xbox 360 controller that enhances certain aspects of game-play. We offer various mods, allowing you to increase you rate of fire, reload speed, dropshot, etc...On top of tons of cool aesthetic modifications as well.

Can I get banned if I use these controllers?

Answer: Absolutely not! The only type of modding Microsoft frowns upon is system tampering and software modifications (such as modding your actual Xbox console). Having a modded controller is perfectly legal (although some may consider it unethical). Although Voodoo Controllers does not necessarily endorse online game-play with our products, you can definitely go online and wreak havoc with your rapid fire controller!

Do I have to get a Rapid-Fire controller?

Answer: Although most people do choose to go with a Rapid-Fire installation, if you are just seeking a cool, customized controller, you don’t have to select any electronic modifications. This will actually decrease the price of your custom remote!

Which weapons will Rapid-Fire work on?

Answer: Rapid fire is optimized for all semi-automatic weapons. You can turn a .44 magnum into a FAL! It doesn’t have near as much of an effect on guns that are already full-auto. It may however reduce the recoil slightly.

Just how fast do they REALLY shoot?

Answer: Mind-blowing fast...Unload an entire clip from a .44 magnum in .5 seconds! The speed will vary from gun to gun and game to game.

What is the difference between Voodoo's mod packages?

Answer:For a description and detailed list of modes (and their corresponding functions) for our various mod packages, please visit our mods page

Which controller do you recommend for online game-play?

Answer: The Voodoo War Criminal by FAR. This controller is our all-in-one master mod and is easily the most functional unit in the Voodoo arsenal. This mod includes 17 modes of sheer destruction and is guaranteed to send your opponents running for the hills! For a list of modes included in the Voodoo War Criminal mod, please visit our mods page

What's the difference between "new controller" and "mail-in service"?

Answer:With the new controller selected, we provide you with the controller. By selecting mail-in service, you are electing to mail-in your existing controller for modification at a discounted price.

How does the mail-in service work?

Answer: For additional information & instructions on the mail-in process works, please visit our mail-in page

How do I use my controller?

Answer: Please refer to the instructions page for additional information on how to operate your controller or  look in our Basic Troubleshooting section below.

Which games are your controllers compatible with?

Answer: Please refer to our game compatibility chart to view a list of compatible games! There are MANY shooter games out there, and although we try our best to test them all out, the games listed are by no means the ONLY games that these controllers work with! In fact, the games listed are the ones we've tested that have an online multi-player component.

What if a new game comes out...Will my controller work?

Answer: Absolutely, Voodoo's controllers are intended for use with almost any first or third-person shooter game. Once a new game is released, we will update our compatibility chart to include new releases.

What if a patch is released?

Answer: Unfortunately, we cannot accurately predict when/if a new patch will be released. However, rest assured Voodoo’s engineers are ready for any challenge and usually conquer patches within 24hrs! If we can break the patch we will upgrade your existing controller at a minimal cost.

What are Voodoo Sticks?

Answer: Voodoo Sticks are a great (and cheap) controller add-on for the serious gamer. Voodoo Sticks sit slightly higher and the stem is slightly narrower, enabling you to gain a mechanical advantage over stock thumbsticks by giving you a greater range of movement (increasing rotation speed without increasing sensitivity). Not to mention they are convex instead of concave, allowing you a better grip with more control, thus increasing accuracy & precision even on high sensitivity settings...Plus they just look plain cool.

What are Custom Quadrants?

Answer: Basically, we have the ability to change all four LED quadrants to colors of your choice as opposed to a single color for all four quadrants.

What’s the expected lifespan on these controllers?

Answer: Our technical process ensures that your controller lasts just as long as an un-modified Microsoft controller!

Does modding affect other controller functions?

Answer: No. All other controller functions will work as they normally would.

Does Voodoo offer sponsorships?

Answer: Yes! Please call our main line for additional information. 866-594-3049.

 Why Voodoo?

Destroy the competition online...Play completely undetected!
Our controllers are all 100% custom made to order. Voodoo doesn't offer pre-packaged modded controllers at a marked up price. You select the options...You control the price!
Due to Voodoo's relationships with our vendors and affiliates, we are able to offer our customers controllers at a more affordable price without compromising quality.
Voodoo guarantees 2-3 day delivery through UPS at a cheaper rate than ANY other online modding service.  Delivery times are based on shipmnet after assembly of the controller.  Building an assembling a custom controller may take up to 4-6 weeks.
Our website offers a user-friendly experience by providing a simplified customization and checkout process. Ordering online has never been easier! (Or as enjoyable).
Voodoo uses the latest model of official Microsoft Controllers, no cheap imitations or off-brand products. All our controllers are brand-new, unopened Microsoft controllers.
Our competitors use cheaper materials and a shoddier assembly process which results in a significantly less durable and reliable controller. Voodoo uses a refined process and the best materials available to ensure that you get years of non-stop domination out of your controller.
Our controllers are compatible with almost every first and third-person shooter game out there.
We back all of our products with a 90 day parts & labor warranty.
Customer satisfaction is our deepest desire, and this credo is what defines and distinguishes us in our industry. We offer real-time live chat, phone, and email support to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have.
We have killer boxes! Whether as a gift or for yourself, Voodoo controllers custom packaging adds another level of excitement to your purchase while keeping your controller safe and secure during transit.

 Placing an Order

How long after I place my order will it take to process?

Answer: Most online orders placed before 12pm Central time Monday through Friday will be processed and confirmed on that same day. Please note that orders placed after this allotted time will be processed the following business day.

What if I order on the weekend?

Answer: Orders placed on weekends will be processed and confirmed the following Monday.

What about during the holiday season? Is there a cut-off date for my package to arrive by Christmas?

Answer: During the holiday season, please allow additional assembly times for your controller. Shipment times will not be affected unless otherwise notified.

What types of payment methods do you accept?

Answer: We accept all major credit cards.

Is my credit card information secure?

Answer: We guarantee that every transaction you make at Voodoo Controllers will be 100% safe and secure thanks to encryption technology. Your personal information, including your credit card number, is protected from fraudulent use. This website is protected with SSL encryption, the highest standard in Internet security to protect customer information. We have also partnered with Authorize.Net, a leading payment gateway since 1996, to accept credit card payments safely and securely for our customers. Your credit card information is never disclosed to us directly at any point in the transaction!

How do I select my colors for the custom quadrant LEDs?

Answer:To select your colors, you must call or email us and let us know which colors you would like to go in the respective quadrants.

What if I have a special request?

Answer: At the end of the checkout process, there will be a field in which you can place additional comments and special requests.

 Shipping and Handling

Once my order has been assembled, how long until my package arrives?

Answer: We ship all orders through USPS, and as a result are able to offer package tracking and guaranteed delivery times! We offer both an overnight option, and a ground delivery services.  All shipping times apply after the controller has been assembled.

How can I tell if my order has been shipped?

Answer:  Tracking information will be provided in an automated email to the email address on file once your order has been assembled & shipped. You can also view the status of your order by manually entering the provided tracking number at:

What mail carrier do you use?

Answer: Voodoo and USPS have partnered to handle all your logistics needs.

How much is shipping?

Answer: Voodoo offers ground shipping at a flat rate of $15 to anywhere within the continental US. You will be notified of any additional shipping charges that may be incurred prior to shipment and have an opportunity to cancel or change your order if you are not satisfied with any extra fees. (This will usually apply only to international customers only.)  International shipments may  incur an additional expense and increased shipment time.

Do you offer overnight shipping?

Answer: Yes, however there is an additional charge. Overnight shipping is a $45 flat rate to all 50 states.  Overnight shipping is only available once the controller has been built and assembled.  We do not offer international overnight shipping.

Does Voodoo Controllers ship internationally?

Answer: Answer: Absolutely! However, our website does not currently facilitate a means of processing international orders, so all order musts be placed manually over the phone.

Wait...What about Alaska and Hawaii?

Answer: Unfortunately, shipments made outside of the 48 continental United States will incur an additional expense. Shipments to Hawaii and Alaska are a flat rate of $20 and may result in an increased delivery time. 

What if I live in an apartment?

Answer: Packages delivered to apartment complexes when the tenant is not available will usually be left at the main office if available. After two unsuccessful delivery attempts, USPS will hold the package in the nearest secure sorting facility for pick-up or re-delivery. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the location of your package post-delivery, please contact USPS for additional information.

What if my controller is damaged, lost, or stolen?

Answer: Voodoo Controllers accepts no responsibility for products lost, damaged, or stolen during transit. All orders leave our facility in perfect condition. If your controller is damaged, lost, or stolen during transit, please contact USPS immediately to make a claim.

Can I get my package insured?

Answer: Insurance is entirely optional (although not entirely necessary). Voodoo Controllers and USPS work together to ensure that your package will be handled respectfully and have it safely delivered in the original condition in which it was assembled. Keep in mind that there will be an additional expense to have your package insured.

Is a signature required?

Answer: No.

Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

Answer: Yes.

 Basic Troubleshooting

How do I turn on my mods?

Answer:We install a button on the back of our modded controller that controls the mods. By pressing this button, your mods will become activated.

How do I turn off my mods?

Answer: To de-activate your mods, simply hold down the mod button for three seconds.

How do I know which mode I'm in?

Answer: Upon pressing the mod button on the back of the controller, the number of times the LED in quadrant four blinks, corresponds to the mode that you are currently in.

My gun doesn't shoot quite as fast in certain modes, why?

Answer: Each game has a "shots per second ceiling" programmed into it. The game designers do this to prevent people from firing too quickly. This ceiling will vary from gun to gun and game to game, and this is why we offer multiple pre-configured rapid-fire modes on our controllers. Different modes will work best with different games as they are just underneath the respective games' shot per second limit. This is also a reason many people prefer our adjustable rapid-fire mod (included in rapid-fire plus and War Criminal mod packages) as they are able to manually adjust & fine-tune their own rate of fire to get slightly below their game of choice's SPS ceiling.

How do I know which  of the 5 pre-configured rapid-fire modes to select for my game of choice?

Answer: It's easy! Simply cycle through the modes until you find the one that shoots the fastest! Different games correspond with different modes.

How do I operate my illuminating thumb-sticks?

Answer:To activate & de-activate the illuminating thumb-sticks, simply click in the right thumb-stick and hold it for three seconds. To toggle through the various color options, just click in (don't hold) the right thumb-stick.

My controller won't sync to my Xbox?

Answer: Just as with a regular Xbox controller, firmly press and hold the sync button on the controller until the ring of light swirls. Once you see the ring of light rotating, hit the sync button on your console.

My LED's are dim...Why?

Answer: After your controller has been modified, it inherently will draw more power, resulting in a dimming of the LED's when your batteries begin to run low. This doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong with your controller, but more of an indication that it's merely time to swap out your batteries.

Can I still use my rechargeable battery pack?

Answer: Yes, but it's not recommended. The rechargeable packs don't provide as much power as alkaline non-rechargeable batteries, and as a result don't preform quite as well.

Can you I still use my headset?

Answer: Yes, our controllers are compatible with all Xbox accessories, Turtle Beaches included!


Return authorization from Voodoo Controllers must be obtained prior to mailing in any merchandise for repair or return. Please contact us via phone, email, or chat to receive a return authorization. All merchandise received not having a return authorization number will be refused. This applies to all policies.

Warranty: We stand by the integrity of our products by backing them with a 90 day limited warranty. If for any reason your controller stops functioning or becomes defective within 90 days of your order date, please contact us to verify that your purchase is still covered under warranty and to receive return authorization. The internal electronics related to the mods/ LEDs are the ONLY components of the controller covered by the warranty. Damage resulting from improper handling, lack of care, accidents, negligence, normal wear and tear, and other cosmetic damages are NOT covered. If the controller proves to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge at the SOLE discretion of Voodoo Controllers. Warranty is VOID if seal on back of controller has been broken.
Repair: So long as your controller meets the above warranty criteria, Voodoo Controllers offers free repairs on all of our products. If your controller becomes defective outside of your warranty period, or does not meet the above criteria, we charge a mere $35 fee for repairs of all natures. Customer is responsible for shipping the unit to us; we cover return shipping. Once we receive the controller, we will have it repaired and shipped back to you within 24 hours. If it is something that is beyond repair, will will contact you and work with you to find a solution to ensure your satisfaction.
Refund & Return:  Since all of our controllers are custom-made-to-order, we do not accept cancellations or issue refunds. Repair or exchange only. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we will do everything within our power to ensure you get everything you need out of your controller and that all questions, concerns, and disputes are resolved in a timely and professional manner.


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